This page lists papers and reports that have arisen from the MARCH Network. If you have outputs of your own to add, please contact us

Discursive construction of the patient in online clinical cancer pathways information.

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Journal of Advanced Nursing

Mental health and the media: From illness to wellbeing.

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Sociology Compass.

What are the barriers to, and enablers of, working with people with lived experience of mental illness amongst community and voluntary sector organisations? A qualitative study.

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PLoS one

Partnership for health: the role of cultural and natural assets in public health.

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In Connecting Museums

Assessing the impact of artistic and cultural activities on the health and well-being of forcibly displaced people using participatory action research.

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BMJ Open

Forever Piping Songs, Forever New: The musical teenager and the musical ‘inner teenager’ throughout the life course.

DeNora, T. 2019

Oxford Handbook of Music, Adolescents and Wellbeing

How leisure activities affect health: A review and multi-level theoretical framework of mechanisms of action using the lens of complex adaptive systems science.

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Lancet Psychiatry

Differential use of emotion regulation strategies when engaging in artistic creative activities amongst those with and without depression.

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Scientific reports

Social, cultural & community engagement and mental health: a cross-disciplinary co-produced research agenda.

Fancourt, D., Bhui, K., Chatterjee, H., Crawford, P., Crossick, G., DeNora, T. & South, J


Cultural engagement and mental health: Does socio-economic status explain the association?

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Social Science & Medicine

Barriers and enablers to engagement in participatory arts activities amongst individuals with depression and anxiety: quantitative analyses using a behaviour change framework.

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BMC public health

Differential participation in community cultural activities amongst those with poor mental health: Analyses of the UK Taking Part Survey.

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Social Science & Medicine

What is the evidence on the role of the arts in improving health and well-being? A scoping review.

Fancourt D, Finn S

Copenhagen: WHO Regional Office for Europe; 2019 (Health Evidence Network (HEN) synthesis report)

Photovoice as a promising public engagement approach: capturing and communicating ethnic minority people’s lived experiences of severe mental illness and its treatment.

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BMJ Open Qual

Characteristics of mental health recovery narratives: systematic review and narrative synthesis.

Llewellyn-Beardsley, J., Rennick-Egglestone, S., Callard, F., Crawford, P., Farkas, M., Hui, A., Manley, D., McGranahan, R., Pollock, K., Ramsay, A., Tore Sælør, K., Wright, N., Slade, M. (2019)


Patterns of social inequality in arts and cultural participation: Findings from a nationally representative sample of adults living in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Mak, H., Coulter, R., & Fancourt, D. (2020)

Public Health Panorama

The experiences of spirituality among adults with mental health difficulties: a qualitative systematic review.

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Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences

The Role of Co-production Methods in Developing an Observational Tool for Museums in Health Research for People Living With Dementia.

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SAGE Research Methods Cases: Medicine and Health

How Participatory Music Engagement Supports Mental Well-being: A Meta-Ethnography.

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Qualitative Health Research

Patients’ perspectives on care pathways and informed shared decision making in the transition between psychiatric hospitalization and the community.

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Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice

Art, Nature and Mental Health: Assessing the biopsychosocial effects of a ‘creative green prescription’ museum programme involving horticulture, artmaking and collections.

Thomson, L.J., Morse, N., Elsden, E. & Chatterjee, H.J. (2020)

Perspectives in Public Health

Give: Volunteering for Wellbeing. Evaluation Report.

Thomson, L.J., Elsden, E. & Chatterjee, H.J. (2020).

Stronger Together: Learning from an interdisciplinary Dementia, Arts & Wellbeing Network (DA&WN).

Tischler, V., Schneider, J., Morgner, C., Crawford, P., Dening, T., Brooker, D., Garabedian, C., Myers, T., Early, F., Shaughnessy, N., Innes, A., Duncan, K., Prashar, A., McDermott, O., Coaten, R., Eland, D. & Harvey, K. (2019)

Arts & Health

Do socio-demographic factors predict children engagement in arts and culture? Comparisons of in-school and out-of-school participation in the Taking Part Survey.

Mak, H.W. & Fancourt, D. (2021).


Does arts and cultural engagement vary geographically? Evidence from the UK Household Longitudinal Study.

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Public Health

Associations between neighbourhood deprivation and engagement in arts, culture and heritage: evidence from two nationally-representative samples

Mak, H.W., Coulter, R., & Fancourt, D (2021).

BMC Public Health

Associations between community cultural engagement and life satisfaction, mental distress and mental health functioning using data from the UK Household Longitudinal Study (UKHLS): are associations moderated by area deprivation?

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BMJ Open

What barriers do people experience to engaging in the arts? Structural equation modelling of the relationship between individual characteristics and capabilities, opportunities, and motivations to engage.

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PLoS One